Premium High Quality Composted Manure at farm gate prices! in Malahat, British Columbia for sale


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We have a great, natural, organic product for all your needs, veggies and fruits, flowers, trees, lawns, shrubs, everything grows great in our properly composted, mature screened manure! You can rest assured you know whats in the product your getting, and you can even come meet the source!!
Coarse Screened Mulch $25 /yard
Medium Screened $30 /yard
Fine Screened $35 /yard - perfect for veggies and flowers
Premium blend topsoil $35 /yard
Our premium blend consists of 80% fine screened composted cow manure and 20% washed sand making it the perfect product for all your lawn/topsoil needs.
We are open Monday to Saturday 8am - 5pm and welcome all residential and commercial customers!
Call for a quote today!
Come pick up or get prompt delivery of any size load.
Payment can be made with cash or cheque (Foundation Organics Ltd) only.
Reduced bulk pricing available
We can also arrange other landscape materials like bark mulch, road base or gravel to be delivered as well
No fillers, no dyes, no human wastes, no excavated soils, no weeds, just clean organic matter
Our composted manure is properly and completely composted in our state of the art compost facility equipped with an aerated flooring system that ensures our compost has the required oxygen it needs to properly decompose. We ensure no weeds or pathogens are present in our compost as we guarantee the product has reached 55-65 degrees with use of our temperature probe system. We have the only compost facility in the South Island! And promise you a quality product!
Composted manure acts as a slow release feed when added to your garden beds, it releases nourishment throughout the growing season. You also add valuable organic matter to your soil increasing moisture retention, aerating and loosening the soil, improving the overall health and vitality of your garden ensuring you produce healthy vigorous plants!
All of our manure consists of ground up wood bedding product that is produced on our farm and used in our barns, the manure/bedding is removed from our barns and composted, matured, screened and is then ready to grow!

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